Membership Benefits

  • Be invited to exclusive member-only events, and connect with other industry-experienced members on a regular basis as well as join our private Whatsapp group
  • Join our Best Practice Forum and discuss issues such as Technical, Resourcing, Scoping and Profit, Network and Risk
  • Profile Page on our website, which allows potential clients to find you using the search function. Access to use the VCFO Association logo on your website, social media channels, and marketing materials
  • Opportunity to promote yourself and your thought leadership ideas via content posting on our News page

So You Want to be a Virtual CFO

This comprehensive guide is designed for those who are looking into, or have already begun their journey towards running a successful Virtual CFO business.

Capability and qualifications aren’t enough.

Become a member and stand amongst Australia’s most elite Association for the emerging Virtual CFO sector within the accounting profession.

Our strength lays within depth of our individuals members industry knowledge. By collaborating with each other, we add breadth and capacity. This allows us to specialise, niche and add value through expertise, not proximity.

This gives our member confidence and a very compelling point of difference in the market. It provides comfort and adds value for our clients.

Looking for more information about becoming a VCFO Association Member?

Membership is only $40.00 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have enough expertise to become a member of the Virtual CFO Association?

The proficiency criteria are as follows:

Note: You need to meet four of five of the below criteria. 

  • At least 5 years Commercial CFO experience (Business turnover > $20m)
  • VCFO business for more than 2 years or if less, turnover > than $200k
  • Have a strong network for supplier referral purposes (Accountants, Lawyers, IT etc.)
  • Must be CA/CPA/IPA qualified
  • Group fit assessment based on attending the first meeting and contribution made to VCFO Association

What do my membership fees entitle me to?

Your monthly $40 per month commitment represents some of the best money you could invest in your business. Joining this elite pool of expertise gives our members a very compelling point of difference in the market. We strive for our brand to be recognised as the mark of quality in the sector. 

  • This gives you a separate, credible platform to showcase your expertise and an extension to your own sales funnel
  • Be part of a collective of elite peers to bounce things off and ask for help
  • Synergies of being part of the only elite group with extensive expertise at its disposal and the possibility of collaborating with other members
  • A copy of our exclusive content generation guide, and the opportunity to amplify your online presence via our various channels
  • A profile page on our ‘Find a VCFO’ for Your Business’ search function
  • Permission to use the Associations logo on your email and other marketing content to help establish credibility and authority when dealing with the business community 
  • Exclusive member events and discounts to public events when we host them

How much time do I have to put in each month?

Joining the VCFO Association as a member is an invaluable investment of time and financial commitment. Each of the dedicated events which require attendance is designed to maximise time commitments in an effective manner (no time-wasting single networking ‘hollow-coffee catch-ups’ or suburb-based networking groups). 

  • Monthly Zoom meeting (½ hour – 1 hour)
  • Quarterly breakfast (usually 7am-8.30 am)
  • Blog articles – one to two per year, more if you like. No limit.
  • 5-10 min a week sharing/Liking other content to extend social media organic reach

Are there any other Virtual CFO groups worth joining?

We are the only member organisation in Australia with the sole focus to advance and advocate for the emerging Virtual CFO sector within the accounting profession and see our members succeed. 

How can I promote myself to get client referrals?

Promotion is one of the main components of the VCFO Association’s strategy. The VCFO Association can act as an extension to your individual sales funnel and allow you to get far more reach than you can individually.

The VCFO Association’s upgraded website is the centrepiece that gives us a platform to showcase our members and attract potential clients. The ‘Find a Member’ function provides clients with an avenue to search member details, connect with them directly and book a consultation.

Blogs allow members to receive access to our high-value content guide and we both give the opportunity to and actively encourage them to write original, relevant, authentic and engaging, thought leadership articles. The purpose of this content is to attract customers. We call these our ‘digital hooks’; these draw potential clients to the site. For every piece of content, you create and post under the VCFO Association banner, you can re-purpose and fly up your own ‘flagpole’ later.

The VCFO Association has a dedicated LinkedIn page.  In addition to the organic reach, we can attain as a group, we aim to start investing in paid content advertising to broaden our reach to create better cut-through into the broader business community. You can visit our LinkedIn page by visiting this link:

Do you offer training?

We are not a training organisation, however, we meet regularly in our ‘Best Practice Forum’ and discuss the latest trends and issues relating to the accounting sector. We also have partnered with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Accountants to deliver an online course titled ‘Virtual CFO Advanced’. This course acknowledges the VCFO Association as subject matter expert and is aimed at the broader accounting community including accounting firms and provides 16 hours of CPD credits on successful completion.  Visit the following link for more information:

Is it true members can collaborate with other members?

Yes, they certainly can and they certainly do.

Collaborating between members allows them to: 

o Tap into Industry-specific or technical expertise that they might not have

o Capacity sharing – overflow

o White label or subcontract, so you retain your client and the client isn’t aware of the commercial dealings between members

How long has the Association been around?

The VCFO Association was founded in 2015.