Pro Veritate Pty Ltd - Michael Stapleton

Pro Veritate is a Melbourne based Virtual CFO practice helping owners of small and medium sizes business understand the drivers of their cashflow and make financially informed decisions. Our services include:

  • Giving business owners a strategic advantage by turning business plans into a sophisticated three-way financial forecast that identifies capital needs, key business drivers and break-even levels;
  • Helping business owners use their numbers to keep track of the operational health of their business;
  • Financial education, demystifying jargon and giving business owners a practical understanding of how to use their numbers;
  • Helping business owners understand the likely financial outcomes from pursuing alternate strategies; and
  • Helping business owners use their financial information as a source of competitive advantage.

Michael is a founding member and Vice President of the Association of Virtual CFOs and a regular contributor to Smart Company under the “Lessons from the Big End of Town” series of case studies.

Michael will give you the confidence that comes from knowing where you stand financially, the real cost of your business plans, where you are heading financially and the key steps you need to take to sustainably grow your business.

Contact Details

Phone: 0488 009 070